Pars Venture Group Services

Financial & Investment advisory

Take advantage of hands-on experiences of its financial team Pars Venture Group provides a wide variety of financial and investment advisory services …

Scientific, Technical, and Engineering advisory

Capitalizing its scientific backup of its team of advisors consisting of the most …

Legal advisory

Unique nature of the contractual relations among main players of venture capital ecosystem including entrepreneurs…

Commercializing advisory

Without doubt, realization of actual potential of cutting-edge ideas and accordingly the companies which form based on this ideas is strongly depends the financial and managerial…

Always consider investing in a grade-A man with a grade-B idea. Never invest in a grade-B man with a grade-A idea.

Investment Approach

Investment Focus

As a full service venture capital and private equity firm, we focus on investing in all stages of venture’s life cycle and across all high-tech industries.

Our Portfolio

Our team of portfolio professionals work closely with startups and offer years of experience in engineering, finance, banking, legal, marketing, HR, and IT.

Our Philosophy

We are Venture Capitalists, value providers and growth promoters. We bring our talent to promote startups and growth-oriented companies.

Venture capital is about capturing the value between the start-up phase and the public company phase.