We Provide Something More than Money; We Provide Smart Money

Pars Venture Group is a full service global oriented, technology-centered venture capital and private equity firm tracking the most inspiring ventures. Our company invests in All-stage technology companies across all industries with a desire for helping entrepreneurs build outstanding fast growing businesses. From seed stage to growth, and across the technology and services context, Pars Venture Group invests in all sectors including applications, cloud/ SaaS, mobile, data center, infrastructure, networking, security, Space technology and storage services, material science and clean-tech in all sectors including mobile, marketplaces, content, social, finance, commerce and services. At Pars Venture Group, we partner with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. We help build and accelerate growth at pioneering companies. Pars Venture Group provides entrepreneurs’ years of operating experience, puts them at the center of a powerful network, and accelerates their growth from seed to exit and eventually success by providing smart money. Capitalizing our extensive experience, hybrid investment strategy and strategic ties, we help companies overcome the common challenges of entrepreneurial ecosystem i.e. Funding and Competency Gap. We added value to our portfolio companies beyond the capital we invest including involvement in business strategy, recruiting, fund raising and ultimate exit of the business.