We invest in all stages of high-tech venture’s life cycle across all industries

Our philosophy

We are Venture Capitalists, Value providers & Growth Promoters.
We bring our talent to promote Startups and Growth-oriented Companies.
We bring in funds and strategic allies to fund Growth.
We are extremely innovative and contribute our broad network of high value ties.
We work with Founders, Owners, CEOs, Board Directors, and other Venture Capitalists.
We build this value-add for our Portfolio companies in Iran and all over the world.
More importantly, we roll up our sleeves and get to work to support our Founders & CEOs.

Investment focus

As a full service venture capital and private equity firm, we focus on investing in all stages of venture’s life cycle and across all high-tech industries. We leverage our domain expertise and competencies to help ventures on the path toward success. Pars Venture Group work with a vast network of angel investors, investment companies, pension funds, commercial banks, investment banks, endowments, insurance companies, foundations and venture capital firms to meet the funding and managerial needs of our portfolio ventures. Being our portfolio, a company can benefit from our help with financing strategy, business development, network building, and recruiting and management team development. Pars Venture Group invests in all stage ventures led by brilliant management teams with the passion and ability to build world class businesses that can transform markets and even change the world. Our investments are inspired by the quality of the company leadership, our connections to them from people we know and the qualifications of their ventures.