Scientific, Technical, and Engineering advisory

Capitalizing its scientific backup of its team of advisors consisting of the most outstanding entrepreneurs and professionals in the fields high-tech industries including Nano technologies, Bio-technologies, Computer & Telecommunication sciences, Clean energies, Pars Venture Group provides a wide variety of scientific & technical advisory services including  technical viability due diligence, mentor ship services, acceleratory services, and other technical and engineering services to help entrepreneurs make sure of technical viability of their ventures.

Financial & Investment advisory

Take advantage of hands-on experiences of its financial team Pars Venture Group provides a wide variety of financial and investment advisory services including financial due-diligence services, preparation of business plan, feasibility study, financial structure services, merger, acquisition, and restructuring financial structure services in a comprehensive package to help entrepreneurs and investors within its value network.

Legal advisory

Unique nature of the contractual relations among main players of venture capital ecosystem including entrepreneurs, investors, and institutional financial intermediators i.e. venture capitalists, require accurate engineering relations among the main players of the industry. In this regard, agreements, contracts, and other documentations shall be arranged in such a way as to minimize the informational asymmetry among the players of the system in the best possible way. Being well aware of the potential problems in the industry and capitalizing its team of legal advisors, Pars Venture Group provides accurate legal advisory services to align the interests of the beneficiaries and to minimize the informational asymmetry through entering into accurately-engineered contracts as far as possible.

Commercializing advisory

Without doubt, realization of actual potential of cutting-edge ideas and accordingly the companies which form based on this ideas is strongly depends the financial and managerial support of venture capital ecosystem. Apart from the comprehensive financial support, Pars Venture Group provides a wide variety of commercialization and marketing advisory services to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market successfully. Recruiting commercializing and marketing team, development of an appropriate marketing strategies, identifying potential customers and reliable distributors, as well as funding product development and commercializing of knowledge-based companies are part of value added services rendered by our company.